Mariana Ruiz alters a dress for a weddingWhen you come into Bridal Solutions and Custom Tailoring, Mariana will have you try on your clothing so that she can see how it looks on you. More importantly, she wants to know how YOU would like it to fit and to feel when you wear it. Then she’ll tailor it to your specific direction.

If you don’t know how it should fit, Mariana will advise you and guide you on the proper sizing and tapering and fashion standards to make you look better than ever.

Mariana Ruiz, owner of Bridal Solutions & Custom tailoring“Clothing has to be comfortable and it has to fit you the right way so that you feel confident. You’ll know that it looks good on you because you’ll see it and you’ll feel it. I’ll take the time to measure and fit you so that it’s done exactly the way that you would like it to be.”

“When I tell you that your garment will be ready, that’s a promise I always deliver.”

Bridal Solutions and Custom Tailoring will have your finished tailoring completed on time every time and fit right the first time.