Concierge Services


Mariana Ruiz alters a dress for a weddingMariana will provide the following services to help accommodate those with busy lives and hectic schedules. There are many times when you need tailored items in a day, in several hours or in a location where you cannot leave.

  • Custom Tailoring in Our Shop
  • One-Day Service
  • Tailoring In Your Home or Office
  • Tailoring To Go

Please allow us the opportunity to work with you by calling as soon as possible so that we may be able to accommodate you. There will be an extra fee for travel and for quick turnaround. Some alterations will not be able to be done on-site which would require additional fees for travel and for immediate service.

Custom Tailoring in Our Shop

  • We provide you with the very best tailoring and custom clothing care and maintenance at prices you can afford.
  • We tailor social, business, casual and formal wear and we assure you that your clothes will be ready, fitted, and tailored as promised.

One-Day Service

  • Bring in your brand new suit, your favorite dress, pant from a suit you haven’t worn in a while and Mariana will hem it, tailor it exactly the way you’d like it the same day you bring it in.

Concierge Tailoring In Your Home or Office

We will come to you for last-minute fittings and when your time is tight. Just arrange in advance for us to meet you to do an on-site tailoring and fitting at your office. Additional fees apply.

We’ll fit you, make the repair and provide you with your final tailored pieces on-site in your Orlando area home or office setting.

Some alterations may not be able to be completed outside of our store. However we can leave and come back with your articles in time for your event, party, meeting or function. Additional fees apply.

Additional fees are required for on-site tailoring and vary by location and job description.

Tailoring estimates are given on-site only after reviewing clothing.  A travel fee is assessed for all concierge tailoring jobs in addition to the tailoring costs.

Plan, coordinate, and maintain your wardrobe: Let us help you style your wardrobe and tailor it so you are perfectly attired for any situation – business, casual, social or formal. Mariana knows styles, fabrics, and can make custom patterns.

Tailoring To Go

  • We’ll come to your Orlando event or mobile location to be available to your for on-site, last minute adjustments, pinnings, sewing, repairs and adjustments.
  • We do weddings and large event dates where many people need clothing fittings or adjustments in a day.
  • Fee assigned for events based on time and number of pieces and people to be fitted. Estimates can be provided but final costs based on fees, location and actual fittings and hours worked.