Bridal Gown Fittings


Make Your Wedding Dress Fitting Stressless

Bridal Gown at Bridal Solutions & Custom TailoringThe less stress there is the more you’ll enjoy your wedding day. Leave plenty of time to bring your gown in so that we can together look at the dress, allow you to try it on. See how it fits, how it feels and then make the needed adjustments.

Mariana wants you to be able to relax knowing that your prizes possession will be cared for, handled and stored with care. Your alterations will be made per your specifications to your wedding gown, exactly the way you want it with no surprises or disappointments.

Mariana is an expert: 30 years of fitting wedding dresses to brides means that she has seen it all and knows how to tackle even what you feel is an impossible change or adjustment.

Bridal Fitting at Bridal Solutions & Custom TailoringJust relax, come in, try on your dress and let Mariana help you prepare for the biggest day of your life. Making sure your wedding gown and all your wedding day plans go smoothly starts with the perfect dress. The perfect dress will be waiting for you, changes made on the day and time promised to every bride to be.

The day that you bring your gown to Bridal Solutions & Custom Tailoring, seamstress Mariana Ruiz will take in your wedding dress and carefully, take measurements, mark the adjustments and listen to what you want done to achieve your perfect fit.

The day of the wedding you’ll need to wear the dress for hours and you’ll be walking down the aisle, hugging friends and family, dancing. Mariana will want to see how you move, reach for things and bend so that the dress stays with your body and wears beautifully throughout your special day.

When it’s time to pick up the dress you’ll try it on knowing that all the changes have been made. Should there be another alteration needed or wanted, the additional changes can be done within the timeframe asked and without the hassles of running all over town to get the dress at another time.

Bridal Gown Fitting Suggestions

  1. Every wedding dress needs some kind of alteration for the perfect fit. Don’t worry that the dress isn’t right when you bought it. Bring it in and let Mariana work her magic to make it fit like you want it to.
  2. It’s a good idea to leave at least a month for your wedding gown to be tailored.
  3. Don’t bring it in too early because weight gain or loss can affect your final fitting.
  4. We are a reputable, reliable wedding gown tailor. Our work is our guarantee.
  5. Who should come depends on you. It’s a good idea to bring the person whose opinion you trust the most.
  6. Mariana has reconstructed gowns, shortened or lengthened hems, added or removed fabrics, and basically has redesigned dresses.
  7. Whether you’re updating your mother’s dress, or resizing a new dress, changing a dress you like into a dress you love, Mariana is prepared to work her tailoring magic to custom tailor your dress to your specifications.

Bridal Gown Fitting Checklist

  1. Bring all undergarments including bra, petticoat, girdle, etc.
  2. Jewelry
  3. Shoes that will be worn that day
  4. Tiara
  5. Veil
  6. Expect to spend an hour during the fitting with Mariana