Jul 182012

Mariana Ruiz, Owner of Bridal Solutions & Custom TailoringBridal Solutions and Custom Tailoring owner Mariana Ruiz has 30 years of tailoring expertise. She provides fast, reliable, accurate alteration services and reasonable rates to clients who need clothes fitted or repaired.

The shop is located in Maitland, Florida, and serves clients in Winter Park, Orlando, Altamonte Springs, and the surrounding area. The shop is at the very end of Park Avenue where it runs into 17-92. Please use our Google Map to get exact directions or feel free to call if you get lost.

Mariana takes the time to tailor your clothes paying attention to the many details and to fit your clothing carefully so that what you wear is comfortable and styled to your specific tastes.

No matter what item you bring in, Mariana will address your concerns with an expert eye and the knowledge to resolve challenging repair or alteration issues. There is nothing better than knowing your favorite clothing, your professional attire, your suit, your wedding gown fits just the way you hoped it would.

When your clothing fits you well, you feel confident and your tailored suit or dress or shirt speaks for you. Your appearance is polished when your wardrobe is refined. The perfect fit will begin with Mariana’s attention to detail at every seam, hem and stitch. Mariana puts your comfort first and handles your clothes with care as she works on them to make adjustments that will give you the most fashion-relevant and body-flattering and appropriate alterations.

Bridal Solutions and Custom Tailoring will make you look good because your clothing will fit you well. Bridal Solutions and Custom Tailoring provides quick, quality alterations.